Ketamine Sessions

Ketamine sessions facilitate self-healing and growth by disrupting brain networks active during self-referent thinking (e.g.,  ruminating, worrying, judging), providing an opportunity to develop new healthier neural pathways. Sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, with enhanced neuroplasticity lasting for about 48 hours. 

We help you make the most of this “window of opportunity” via personalized attention to preparation (intention setting, trust-building, ritual, connection) that begins before your arrival, as well as integration following your stay with us. 

We find that a natural sanctuary within an interconnected community enhances the growth and healing process.

Ketamine is a  dissociative anesthetic. Lower doses are used off-label for mental health and chronic pain conditions.  We administer this substance in the  context of a safe and supportive group setting to foster your intentions around personal transformation. 

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