Psychedelic Integration

With the reemergence of scientific evidence and research centers supporting psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, many people are seeking a psychedelic experience.  Since most of these substances remain illegal in the U.S., individuals sometimes use “underground” services or international retreats without attending to pre- and post-factors that contribute to a safe and transformative internal journey.  Research demonstrates that the outcome relies heavily on set, setting, and post-integration.

I provide support, guidance, and education before and after expanded or non-ordinary states of consciousness. My professional training includes Fluence and the Psychedelic Research and Treatment Institute (PRATI), in which I take a nonjudgmental and harm-reduction approach in assisting people during the following phases:

Tending to set and setting

Set refers to mindset and includes expectations, emotional states (anxious, depressed, calm, etc.) and psychological issues that could surface (repressed trauma, resentment, grief, etc.).  Psychedelics can amplify existing mindsets while dampening ego defenses, leaving us vulnerable to face parts of our psyche we usually shelter.  It is therefore crucial to thoughtfully set intentions, identify possible “blind spots,” and plan for safety.

Setting corresponds to the space of the journey, both the physical surroundings and relationships with people present.  Planning the logistics (e.g., location, playlists, navigating the restroom, food, what to do in an emergency, the role of others, etc.) will put you at ease so you can get the most out of your journey.  As you enter a vulnerable state, it is imperative that you can allow yourself to be open to whatever unfolds.

Weaving the experience into life

The experience is often immensely blissful, extremely challenging, or both.  Ingrained neural pathways are released to reveal sensations, visions, and emotions that may seem foreign or unclear.  Whatever arose, your innate wisdom (inner trove) intuitively pointed you towards your personal evolution.  Difficult emotions may be directing you to subconscious material that needs addressing.  An ineffable sense of love and connection may be showing you an untapped inner capacity that resides within.  Natural elements, specific events, or significant others may have been brought to your attention.  Unpacking and honoring all that arose, as well as weaving insights into everyday life, is an ongoing inner transformational process.


Please note that I do not recommend or advocate for illegal substances, refer to underground guides, or serve as a “sitter.”  Participation in psychedelic integration sessions with me (other than KAP) require that clients NOT be under the influence of any substances. 


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“We’re all just walking each other home.”
Ram Dass