Do you feel like your world is falling apart?


Do you feel misunderstood and isolated?


Are you searching for a sense of purpose or spiritual awakening?

I help people facing various life challenges contributing to depression, anxiety, grief, fear, guilt, and loneliness.  You may be questioning whether you’ll ever feel joy, be able to function, or dream about a future again.  You can! The first step is to stop carrying your burdens alone.

Common issues that bring people to therapy with me:



  • Life Transitions, including changes in relationships, health, or death of a loved one.  You may feel like your life came crashing down or that it’s hard to feel any sense of happiness.  Other transitions (e.g., children leaving home, prolonged isolation) may result in feeling empty, purposeless, or overly anxious.
  • Trauma in its many forms overwhelms our ability to cope and recalibrate.  We wonder if life will ever feel normal again.  Lingering effects include difficulty relaxing, repetitive thoughts/images, sleep disturbance, mood swings, and physical symptoms.  Oftentimes, triggers (reminders) are not in our conscious awareness leaving us feeling anxious, frustrated, or angry “for no reason.”
  • Living with a chronic or terminal illness can feel devastating.  It may seem as if the world keeps moving forward while you’re alone trying to structure a life around the limitations and exhaustion of coping with a debilitating diagnoses or prognosis.
  • Rediscovering life’s meaning due to a shift in your worldview or a sense that there must be something more to life.  This can leave you feeling misunderstood, directionless, or even guilty because of a belief that you “should be happy.”

With all that life throws at us, some people resist, withdraw, or turn to unhealthy behaviors or substances; only to find it makes problems worse.  Don’t beat yourself up over trying to cope and aim to get yourself the support you deserve.  This can be found in a nonjudgmental validating relationship with another.

We’ll spend the first few sessions thoroughly exploring your unique situation and building the deep trust that makes therapy effective.  Shedding the exterior veil (we all carry to some degree) to show up authentically in therapy can incite some amazing self-discoveries and inner resources.  I will help you uncover what lies beneath the emotional and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck, and we’ll work on ways to change your life experience to open up feelings of connection and meaning.

A special note to those struggling with trauma.  The thought of even talking about it can be frightening.  Research shows that delving directly into a recount of the event(s) can be retraumatizing and therefore, therapy sessions are initially focused on building trust, safety, and your inner resources.  Once established, unpacking the details can help integrate the trauma into your life.  You have an inner trove of resiliency!


The place you choose to heal matters.  You’ll find yourself in natural surroundings as we embark on your healing journey.  Pour some herbal tea or nourishing kombucha as we co-create your ideal soothing space.  Some people prefer to move sessions outdoors as they progress.


The relationship with your therapist is unlike any other.  It’s a safe space to explore ways you maintain a sense of inner security in relation to others and an unpredictable world, revealing the underlying raw emotions and beliefs from which you operate.  This is where transformational change occurs.

Therapy is not a quick fix.  It takes time, resources, and a commitment to applying therapeutic insights into your daily life.  Sometimes it will feel difficult.  This is a good indication you are making progress by shifting out of your usual mode of handling problems or relationships.  The investment you make in therapy can be immensely rewarding and life changing.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out to me. 

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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”
Brene Brown